For our Rescue Operations

Your Donations Save Lives

At Tri-County Ground Search and Rescue Inc. (TCGSAR), we’re on a mission to ensure no one remains lost or in distress. For over 32 years, our volunteers have dedicated their time and skills to reunite missing loved ones with their families in Moncton, NB, and surrounding areas. Our commitment is simple but profound: “That others may live.”

Why Your Donation Matters

A Beacon of Hope: Every donation fuels our operations, enabling us to maintain readiness and respond promptly when someone goes missing. Your support helps us purchase essential equipment, provide comprehensive training for our volunteers, and cover operational costs that are vital for our life-saving missions.

We are extremely grateful to Moncton Car Guys for their generous donation.

Cost of Service

It is estimated that New Brunswick’s volunteer provincial search and rescue teams donate in excess of 45,000 hours annually, and save the province over $4.2 million per year, in addition to freeing up policing resources that can be utilized elsewhere.

Our Operating Budget

Tri-County GSAR relies heavily on donations from businesses, communities, and the general public to maintain their operational readiness. In fact, over 50% of their operating budget each year comes from these donations, providing the funds needed to maintain their mobile command post and purchase new equipment to ensure they are effective when tasked to search for missing persons, or help in emergencies.

The operating requirements are typically covered by team fund-raising events, community contributions, and provincial government grant monies. Of course, the contributions of the members themselves are significant.

Our Capital Assets

The team’s equipment includes their mobile Command Post and Equipment Trailer, communications equipment and medical gear, as well as basic and technical search equipment.

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Every contribution, big or small, makes a difference. Your generosity ensures we can continue our mission and expand our capabilities to save lives.

Our Wishlist

Full sized 4x4 truck

These trucks help us move personnel and equipment to and from the search area.

Est Cost $75,000

50 Uniforms

Having the proper tactical uniforms help our team protecting us from rugged terrain and it helps us stand out in a crowd!

Est Cost $25,000

50 Hi-Vis SAR Jackets

Not only will these jackets protect us from the harsh elements but they will help other team members be easily spotted in dense 

Est Cost $15000

Office and Garage

To a new office and garage for our mobile command post, vehicles, trailer and equipment.

Est Cost $1m

Command Post

The command post is a critical piece of GSAR. It’s where our teams manages the search.

Est Cost $250,000

Vacant land

To build a new office and garage for our mobile command post, vehicles, trailer and equipment.

Est Cost $300,000

EMR Course

Having all of our members well trained in a variety of medical situations is very important. This way when a team finds the subject they can deliver life saving aid immediately.

Est Cost $600/member

Boat or Zodiac

To build a new office and garage for our mobile command post, vehicles, trailer and equipment.

Est Cost $2,500

2x Mountain Bikes

Being mobile is important mountain bikes will allow us to move quickly through areas where other assets cannot.

Est Cost $4000

TALON 60C stretcher

Critical piece of medical equipment for extracting subjects to more advanced medical care.

Est Cost $1,200

Want to help?

If you want to help the TCGSAR team with a wishlist item please contact us with more details.

DJI Matrice M30T (Drone)

Having the ability to search from the sky is a total game changer for GSAR. 

Est Cost $10000

RPAS speaker+spotlight combo (drone)

This takes the RPAS to a new level with loud speakers and a spotlight.

Est Cost $3,500

RPAS payload release system

This will allow us to send a small payload to a remote team using the drone. Seconds save lives. The sooner we can deliver life saving 

Est Cost $500

Kindness & Empathy for what we are doing

We appreciate support in every form. From products and services to moral support! Thank you.

Est Cost priceless!