Cape Breton Snow Storm 2024

Cape Breton Snow Storm 2024

Cape Breton Snow Storm 2024

NBGSARA Volunteers Assist in Snowstorm Response Efforts in Cape Breton

Last weekend’s heavy snowfall, with some areas receiving as much as 150 cm or 5 feet of snow, has left parts of Cape Breton inaccessible and residents stranded without essential services. Recognizing the need for assistance, NBGSARA (New Brunswick Ground Search and Rescue Association) was called upon by NB Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) on behalf of Nova Scotia EMO to provide additional support.

In close coordination with our nine member teams across New Brunswick, 22 dedicated NBGSARA volunteers from across New Brunswick embarked on a journey to Cape Breton on Saturday, with some traveling up to 10 hours to reach the affected area. Working in close collaboration with Nova Scotia and PEI SAR teams under the provincial incident management team, NBGSARA members are actively involved in relief efforts to restore access and provide necessary aid to affected residents.

However, the logistical challenges posed by the distance and the need for volunteers to remain on site for several days have highlighted the importance of balancing response efforts with volunteers’ work schedules. Despite these constraints, NBGSARA remains committed to leveraging its expertise and resources to support disaster response initiatives and ensure the safety and well-being of affected communities.

This recent deployment underscores the evolving role of Search and Rescue teams in regional disaster response efforts and the critical importance of training and standardized processes such as Incident Command System (ICS) in facilitating seamless collaboration and effective response strategies.

Looking ahead, NBGSARA is eager to collaborate with national partners such as SARVAC (Search and Rescue Volunteer Association of Canada) through initiatives like the Humanitarian Workforce Program (HWF). By enhancing the capabilities of SAR teams and fostering greater coordination on a national scale, these partnerships will enable organizations like NBGSARA to respond more effectively to future emergencies and serve communities in need across the country.

“As president of NBGSARA, I am immensely proud of the dedication and commitment demonstrated by our volunteers in responding to the urgent needs of our neighbors in Cape Breton. Their selfless efforts exemplify the spirit of community service that defines our organization. ” – Bradley Parker President NBGSARA

Pictured: NBGSARA Members from Tri-County Ground Search and Rescue NB engaged in snow clearing operations

NBGSARA members briefing at the incident command post

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